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1. For the purposes of establishing your MyUMC account and proceeding the necessary communications regarding the foundry business relationship between your company and UMC, UMC now is informing you and seeking your consent to provide your personal communication information (name, email address, mail address, telephone & fax number and your job title/position) for UMC to collect, use, process (including but not limited to record, input, store, compile, correct, duplicate, retrieve, delete, output, connect or internally transmit your personal communication information for the purpose of establishing or using your personal communication information file) within the period of the business relationship continuance. If you choose not to provide your personal communication information, although your personal rights will not be harmed, your choice may cause the communication's inconvenience to your company and UMC.

2. Considering that UMC’s server is located in Taiwan (R.O.C.), therefore, your personal communication information may be transferred across international border outside the country.

3. For the requests of inquiry, review, making duplications, supplement, correction, deleting or request UMC's discontinuing collection, processing or use your personal communication information, you may email to: myUMC@umc.com or contact your account manager. We will take immediate action to fulfil your request.

If you are the subject matter protected under the General Data Protection Regulation, effective as of May25th, 2018, of European Union, you possess the following additional rights:

a. Right of access: You have a right to know what personal communication information UMC hold about you or receive a confirmation that UMC does not process your personal communication information.

b. Right to rectification: You have a right to have you incomplete or incorrect personal communication information rectified.

c. Right to be forgotten: You have a right to have your personal communication information erased in certain situations, for example, when the processing of your personal communication information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or if the processing is based on your consent and you want to withdraw your consent and there are no other bases for processing your personal communication information.

d. Right to object: You can request that UMC stop processing your personal communication information.

e. Right to restriction of processing: In certain situation, you may have the right to restrict the processing of your personal communication information. When the processing has been restricted, your personal communication information will only be stored and not processed further.

f. Right to data portability: You have a tight to obtain your personal communication information you have provided to UMC in a machine readable format, so that you can transfer it to another data controller.

4. By logging in MyUMC, you have understood and agreed to the aforesaid notice illustrated and adopted by UMC in accordance with the applicable personal data protection laws. Thank you.

We recommend that you change your password regularly. And please be informed that if there is no log-in record within any consecutive 12 months, your MyUMC account will be deleted from system automatically. For further information, please email myUMC@umc.com or contact your account manager. Thank you.

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